Revisiting Black Mountain

Führung in der Ausstellung
Sa, 19.5.2018
11 – 12 Uhr

Explore highlights of the exhibition Revisiting Black Mountain with the Kollektiv international Totem.

„Happy new ears!“ John Cage is not famously attributed to this saying.
As part of reVisiting Black Mountain exhibition, Kollektiv International Totem (KIT), an upcoming and innovative agency, accompanies you for a very surprising museum tour about g*******. Together, let’s celebrate „new ears“! Oops I think we are about to reach the limit of characters for the descripti

Kay, KIT

Die Autorin Sue Spayth Riley (links) und Studienfreundinnen vor der Lee Hall, Black Mountain College, um 1938, © Courtesy of the Western Regional Archives, State Archives of North Carolina
Im Eintrittspreis inbegriffen
Meeting point

Red dot outside the museum entrance

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