Sebastião Salgado – Genesis

Sebastião Salgado depicts the earth as a creation of overwhelming beauty. The exhibition is a dramatic manifesto that not only touches visitors with its opulent black-and-white photographs, but also raises open questions about how we deal with the planet.

Bally – Swiss Shoes Since 1851

Bally, founded in Switzerland, achieved worldwide fame with top-class shoes. The company is considered to have pioneered combining craftsmanship, industrial innovation and fashion design.


Original objects, photographs, posters, video installations, and a model railway invite visitors on a journey through time—from the company’s beginnings to tomorrow’s mobility.

Design Studio: Processes

In the Toni-Areal the Museum für Gestaltung launches “Design Studio”, a new interactive type of exhibition. It provides rare insights into the design process of important designers while also offering visitors a platform for learning and experimentation.

Knowledge in Images – Information Design today

Whether for visualizing big data, publishing journalistic findings, spatial orientation, or as material promoting effective learning and teaching—information design explains the most diverse contents within the shortest time through combining much visual material with few words.

Collection Highlights

Featuring 2000 highlights from this internationally significant collection, the newly refurbished main building invites visitors to discover the world of beautiful, useful, and curious everyday objects.

Ideal Living

Seven sample rooms, furnished with highlights from the collection, present the most important trends in Swiss furniture design of the modern age and trace changing lifestyles.

Poster Stories

Featuring around 80 posters, the exhibition provides insights into the immense collection and illustrates the collection’s thematic, geographical, and historical scope.