Ideal Living

Seven sample rooms, furnished with highlights from the collection, present the most important trends in Swiss furniture design of the modern age and trace changing lifestyles.

Poster Stories

Featuring around 80 posters, the exhibition provides insights into the immense collection and illustrates the collection’s thematic, geographical, and historical scope.

Social Design

Social design is design for and with society — and highly topical. This exhibition presents relevant international projects and discusses the redesign of social systems, as well as of living and working environments.

3D Lettering on Buildings

Three-dimensional typefaces are omnipresent and exceptionally di verse. The exhibition focuses on 3D letterings on buildings, which take into account architectural features and their surroundings, thus affording buildings a fitting identity.

Photographics: Klein, Ifert, Zamecznik

Light drawing, photograms, photomontages: the search for a contemporary visual idiom for the postwar period inspired artists and designers to experiment with photography.

Pierre Mendell: Pictograms, Images, Characters

Ambiguities, irritations and surprising reinterpretations often turn the supposedly universal pictorial symbols from Pierre Mendell into poetic puzzles and invite reflection and re-examination.

«Rektorat»: Our House Font

In 1933, the Museum für Gestaltung Zürich opened its main building at Ausstellungsstrasse 60. In the spirit of Neues Bauen, the architects dispensed with any ornamentation, but envisaged striking exterior lettering for the building.


Zurich’s Filmpodium presents thematic series and retrospectives of classic movies. Its posters interpret cinematographic achievements and bear witness to their day and age.

Stop Motion – Moving Posters

Artists and graphic artists have always played with extending two-dimensional, static surfaces by a third level, thus deceiving the eye. Stop Motion presents creative approaches that have enriched poster history by suggesting movement and dynamics.