The Participatory City

Wed, 24.10.2018
With Anthony Engi Meacock, Christof Mayer, and Angeli Sachs

With Anthony Engi Meacock, Founding Member, Assemble, London; Christof Mayer, Founding Member, raumlabor Berlin, Professor, Bergen School of Architecture, and Angeli Sachs

The multidisciplinary collective Assemble works on a sustainable and incremental vision for the Granby Four Streets area in Liverpool. The approach is characterized by celebrating the value of the area’s architectural and cultural heritage, supporting public involvement and partnership building.

Die Gärtnerei (The Nursery), established in Berlin in a cooperative effort between raumlaborberlin and Schlesische27, is part of the Coop Campus project, which gives a growing network the opportunity to participate in the process of developing an open urban community.
The discussion will focus on the visions and challenges of participation in urban contexts.

raumlaborberlin, Schlesische27, Coop Campus – Die Gärtnerei, Berlin, Germany, since 2015, © raumlaborberlin
everyone above 16
Included in admission fee
Deutsch, English
Meeting point

In the exhibition

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