Repaired object wanted!

Are you handy, do you have a creative flair or do you like to make broken things work again? And did you always want to see an object of yours in an exhibition?

For our exhibition Repair Revolution! we are looking for objects that are visibly repaired or mended.

Fill out the form below and upload a photo of your object.

The object
- Must have a visible repair.
- Must not be larger than 40x40x__cm (width x length x height).

Otherwise there are no limits: a patched lamp, a darned sock, a repaired computer keyboard or glued ceramics – the main thing is that it is patched and still usable.

From all submissions, the curators will select the most impressive objects and display them in rotation in the exhibition.

Deadline for submissions is February 27, 2023.
All who participate are invited to the exhibition opening on March, 30 2023 at 7pm at Toni-Areal.