Photographics: Klein, Ifert, Zamecznik

1.11.2019 – 9.2.2020

Light drawing, photograms, photomontages: the search for a contemporary visual idiom for the postwar period inspired artists and designers to experiment with photography. From 1950, William Klein created photograms, decisively influenced by the Bauhaus legacy and by contemporary gestural abstraction and kinetics. Gérard Ifert made his first movement studies, and Wojciech Zamecznik experimented with light painting shortly afterwards. In their experiments, used in advertising and cultural graphics, these exponents visualized their sense of speed and mobility. Based on various exemplary works, the exhibition, conceived by the Centre Pompidou and adapted by the Museum für Gestaltung Zürich, casts a spotlight on a particularly productive phase in the dialogue between photography and graphic art.

Exhibition view

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