A wide variety of educational activities creates opportunities to take action, offers unfamiliar insights into design themes and invites visitors to the exhibitions and ateliers to discuss, experiment and take part in design themselves. Discussions, excursions, guided tours, permanent exhibitions (analogue and digital), workshops and projects offer a diverse public the stimuli and material required for flowing ideas and creative processes.

In workshops and projects elements of design thinking encourage participants to practice empathy, to think playfully, analytically and critically with head, heart and hands, to communicate and to aim for understanding, to experiment unashamedly, to fail and to start again, to design, plan and implement independently or as part of a team.

They are ideally suitable for developing a sensibility for current socially relevant themes and for initiating processes of aesthetic education. In terms of method design education is also suitable for encouraging creativity and social commitment, especially among young people.

Researching and studying the culture of materials, physically handling real objects and practicing handcraft skills appears to be of great relevance in a world that is undergoing a digital transformation.

With its wide-ranging education program, the Museum für Gestaltung places an emphasis on the areas of design education, participatory exhibition practice, and cultural participation. A wide range of interdisciplinary approaches is offered in the context of teaching and education projects with students from Zurich University of the Arts and cooperation and partnerships in the areas of culture and education.

Integrated "education stations" invite visitors to explore the material in depth in the exhibition space itself and to actively engage in design. In workshops, exhibition discussions and excursions the public can exchange ideas and thoughts with design professionals. In the exhibitions the education service for visitors as well as public guided tours make further forms of dialogue available. An extensive range of workshops and projects caters for children and families, younger and older adults, senior citizens, and schools. Through inclusive formats the museum opens to people with and without disabilities, offers free-of-charge events in the public studio and Implements projects in the district and in urban space.

Under the label "You design! – a museum school" the Museum für Gestaltung Zürich and Schule Limmat join forces in a long-term and sustainable form of collaboration that has an impact on the surrounding district.

These two institutions are next door to each other, so to speak, in Kreis 5, formerly a working-class and industrial district. In recent years this part of the city, once home to a subculture and a byword for creativity, has changed radically. Today it is characterized by great cultural diversity, gentrification and, increasingly, also by a globally-oriented, digital services culture.

In this sense Kreis 5 offers an excellent example of current social developments and the challenges they present. In this setting the Museum School becomes a creative laboratory for children and young people, a rehearsal stage on which they can practice designing their (and our) present and future.

Festival Blickfelder 2019
Forum mit Kinderspur in Social Design
Hands-on Space in Designlabor Material und Technik
Projekt und Präsentation Zeichen setzen!
Workshop Lampe, Stuhl, etc
Workshop und Präsentation Schwarz-Weiss-Sehen
Workshop Young Collection