Facilitating the Museum’s core mission, many activities with a research character take place at the Museum für Gestaltung Zürich today. Research-based approaches form an ideal basis for identifying strategically important themes and prioritizing and developing them in the long term. The Museum für Gestaltung Zürich is open to research projects of all orientations.

The contents of the collection are researched and processed continually. The connection of basic and applied research take place in collaboration with the departments and institutes of Zurich University of the Arts and other schools of higher education.

The goal is to contextualise the collection holdings with an openness towards transdisciplinary projects from a current viewpoint, as it is only the research, accessing and use of the holdings that determines their value and importance.

Denken mit den Händen – Willy Guhls Entwurfspraxis als angewandte Designforschung


Muse – The Voice of the Visitor

Kooperation mit EPFL

Collaboration on research projects is desired!

The more than 500 000 objects in four collections and the information on them offer plenty of potential for innovative research projects into objects and documents, some of which have not yet been adequately studied.

This offer is directed principally at university graduates from the areas of design or art history, who already have at least a bachelor's degree and are writing their work as part of their further education (master's degree, doctorate) or a research project.

If interested, please send us your CV and an outline of the project (one A4 page: motivation, theme, collection items, goals, approach, time plan). We are happy to answer any questions you may have.

Gérôme Grollimund, Head of Cooperations + Projects
+41 43 446 67 03

Formbegriffe im Design: Begriffe begreifen

Wolfgang Weingart: Typografie im Kontext

Corporate Diversity – Schweizer Grafik und Werbung für Geigy 1940–1970

Die Lehrtätigkeit von Josef Müller-Brockmann