Game Design Today

17.2. – 23.7.2023

Video games have swiftly gone from a niche product to a mass phenomenon. No longer serving merely for entertainment, games are now used across a variety of fields – from art to education to therapy. There are even video games that address pressing social issues such as diversity, climate change, migration, or the human/machine interface. The exhibition Game Design Today presents an overview of contemporary video game culture and a peek behind the scenes at the design processes involved in international productions. Visitors have the chance to try out various games and become inspired by the incredible array of characters, stories, and approaches.


Note: The exhibition is suitable for all ages. Only the anti-war game This War of Mine is recommended for ages 16 and up. Individual video games can strongly stimulate visual perception. People with photosensitivity who wish to avoid these stations should contact the staff on site.
Exhibition view

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