Valeria Zangger & Andreas Tschopp

Fri, 16.8.2024
Pavillon Le Corbusier
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Valeria Zangger was born and raised in Samedan and now lives in Lucerne. Her drumming is characterized by stylistic versatility, ranging from pop to experimental music and free improvisation. This evening she will play with trombonist Andreas Tschopp for the first time. His versatility and creativity on the instrument have made him one of the moste established trombonists in Switzerland, leading him to perform on all continents and on many internationally renowned festival stages. Central elements in his artistic language are his awareness of sound and his play with the unexpected. The two artists appear together for a premiere in the Pavillon Le Corbusier and an exciting evening can be expected.

Valeria Zangger: drums, percussion, Andreas Tschopp: trombone

The number of participants is limited. Register using the Pavillon website. Last-minute bookings are welcome, provided there are still places available.

Photo: Emanuelle Nemoz (links), René Mosele (rechts)
CHF 10 plus museum fare
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