Ace of Lace

6.5. – 18.9.2022

It was his grandmother who awakened a passion for knitting in Estonian teenager Riho Toomra (*1963). In his search for new patterns, he came across Herbert Niebling’s knitting patterns from the 1930s to 1960s, in which petals and leaf shapes are depicted against a net-like backdrop. In about 45 years, Toomra has knitted about a hundred highly complex lace blankets, in white yarn and with incredibly thin needles. His largest knitted designs comprise over 400 rows and require about four to five months of work. Toomra pushes the art form created by Herbert Niebling to its limits in order to share his enthusiasm for it. As “Ace of Lace” he finds in knitting the suitable balance to his second passion — Metal music.

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