Remote Together – The Reality Vaccine: Wild Life

Special event
Thu, 19.5.2022
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A live video walk through Zurich with connections to Vienna (Thomas Hörl & Peter Kozek), Amsterdam (Current: a space) and Berlin (Club Real).

Remote Together The Reality Vaccine is a networked live format that seeks artistic engagement with contemporary realities. Between flashmob and conference call, it opens up new digital and hybrid spaces of shared theatrical experience while bringing together different artists in Europe using digital tools.

The performances take place simultaneously at all four locations, each sending a signal to the headquarters. There, live editors produce a stream from the various feeds, which in turn can be seen and heard by the small swarms of local audiences – on the road or at the base station – via smartphone. In this way, the local audiences unite for the duration of the events to form a transnational supra-swarm, and the interventions and performances are linked to each other.

For Wild Life, Transit Productions is developing a series of expeditions between science and projection with performers Soldand/Göldi (Zurich), theater-maker Pankaj Tiwari (Amsterdam), the collective Club Real (Berlin), and visual artists Thomas Hörl & Peter Kozek (Vienna), which go in search of the creatures of the city and investigate biodiversity, habitats, pack formations, and swarm intelligences.

Meeting point: Museum für Gestaltung, Ausstellungsstrasse 60, 8005 Zürich
Please bring headphones and a fully charged smartphone with working Mobile Data with you.


Collecting Expressions

Join an exploration of Zurich with someone who is looking for a voice. Not just any voice – maybe theirs, maybe yours, maybe ours, definitely the city’s. As we receive signals from Amsterdam, Berlin and Vienna, the city will expand and the cities’ voices will merge and overlap.

Concept & Acting: Corinne Soland
Concept & Dramaturgy: Elo Göldi
Camera: Diana Khuu
Costume and Scenography: Stephanie Müller
Outside Eye: Seraina Dür


Vienna: Thomas Hörl & Peter Kozek
Happiness is a Bird

Helga R. loves birds more than anything. Birds and only birds. Birds are her best friends and her only ones. Every day she goes out with a bag of breadcrumbs – at least 15 kilos – and calls her children with heart-warming singing. They are so lively, there is always movement, there is always something going on. We pay Mrs R. a visit and accompany her to her bird paradise. But watch out! There are so many enemies everywhere, more than friends, and they are getting closer and closer with their dwellings. But the person who does good must also be rewarded in the end.

Performance: Peter Kozek
Concept: Peter Kozek, Florian Ronc
Video: Victor Jaschke
Scenography: Valentin Aigner


Amsterdam: Current: a Space
Unexpected Encounters

Living in a globalized city, we lose connection to each other. In the process, sometimes the familiar becomes unfamiliar, the very next moment, the unfamiliar becomes the familiar. The city is made up of concrete, stone, and metal, but also of flesh bones, and of dreams, and imagination: It is a product of impossible constellations, a meeting ground between the real, the imagined, and the unknown.
Unexpected encounters is a performative walk in the city, exploring the friction between the real and the imagined, what do we know and what we don’t. During the walk, a performer interacts with a spontaneous audience on the streets. It follows a dialogue between a narrator and a creature out of place, trying to make their home in the city: It dances, breathes, and imitates the gestures of the environment. What happens when a being born from imagination enters the city?

Concept & Curation: Pankaj Tiwari
Collaborator & Performance: Tom Oliver Jacobson
Performance: Maria Magdalena Kozlowska
Text collaborator: Arijit Laik
Text collaborator: Matias Munoz Sandoval


Berlin: Club Real
Herrings and Wasps

Into the night with Asian Mud Dauber Wasp and Herring: Where are we? What is this place? Well, this is Berlin’s first Organisms Democracy. The Asian Mud Dauber Wasp, a relatively new citizen with migrational background, meets the Herring, who is visiting from Helsinki in order to learn about the governmental procedures of Organisms Democracy. Humans are invited to accompany the two on site, right into the heart of a democratic ecosystem on Osloer Straße. A mobile contraption with autonomous power source serves as channel of participation and communication with another three urban explorations.

Concept & Performance: Marianne Ramsay-Sonneck
Concept & Co-development: Georg Reinhardt
Writer: David Lindemann
Performance: Tuire Tuomisto
Video / Technics: Valentin Scholz


CHF 25, inkl. Eintritt
meeting point

at the museum


personal and charged phone and headphones


The booking period for this event has expired.

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